exa (symbol E) is a prefix in the SI system of units denoting 1018 or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000. Adopted in 1975, it comes from the Greek ἕξ, meaning six (like hexa), because it is equal to 10006.


We are looking for a junior web developer.

What you should expect:
— Interesting work
— Chance to learn a lot of new stuff and get great experience in web development
— Opportunities to professional growth
— Flexible working hours

What we expect from you:
— Passionate about web development
— Quick learner
— Reliable and self-motivated
— Experience with HTML, CSS and JS
— At least minimal experience with PHP or Ruby on Rails
— BSc degree in computer science or related field

You should 1 year of experience or be able to prove your competence by successfully completing a trial task.

Send us your CV at careers@exa.com.cy