exa (symbol E) is a prefix in the SI system of units denoting 1018 or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000. Adopted in 1975, it comes from the Greek ἕξ, meaning six (like hexa), because it is equal to 10006.

Who we are

Exa Services Ltd was established in 2017 with the main activity in the field of IT support outsourcing and IT consulting services. Today “Exa Services” has many new directions. “TIL Design”, being our associate, covers design and development segments. Retail sales of high performance computers are represented by “Overclockme by Exa”.

Since the establishment of the company, our main concern was the quality of our services. Nothing has changed since then. We work the way we believe correct. Our clients know what they want; we know how to do it. With this approach we are aiming for the same goal in parallel: client - doing his job, us - solving tasks set by client. Therefore, our cooperation based on mutual trust and respect. In development projects, we do not miss the small things; always seek to improve everything we do. Each component meets strict quality criteria. Recognition of our work is a stimulus for further growth.


Your success is our personal investment.

We believe that it is crucial to pay personal, individualized attention to each client and to have a chance to invest time in building collaborative, trustworthy relationships. Our main asset is our people. Knowledge and experience of our team would solve tasks quicker and better than others. It doesn’t mean that we are ideal. But it means that in our field we try harder than the rest.

"Everything must be made as simple as possible, and not simpler."

Albert Einstein

Our mission is to provide outstanding services for projects of almost any scale: medium to large.

With a growing demand for high caliber staff and the pressure on cost reduction we are here for you to save your time and effort in the important areas of business development. Allow yourselves to concentrate on the strategic direction of your business while we will handle the supporting activities to enable you to have smooth uninterrupted operations. Responsibility and individual approach – is what makes us different!